WiTricity, a portmanteau for “wireless electricity”, use a form of wireless energy transfer and has ability to provide electrical energy to remote objects without wires  using oscillating magnetic fields. Witricity is based on  strong coupling between electromagnetic resonant objects to transfer energy wirelessly between them.
The system has coils which are placed a few meters apart. WiTricity power sources and capture devices are specially designed magnetic resonators that efficiently transfer power over large distances via the magnetic near-field. These proprietary source and device designs and the electronic systems that control them support efficient energy transfer over distances that are many times the size of the sources/devices themselves. All without wires..! Cellphones, laptops, mobile robots even electric vehicles are capable of re-charging themselves without ever being plugged in.
The key principle behind witricity is magnetically coupled resonance. “Resonant inductive coupling” has key implications in solving two main problems associated with non-resonant inductive coupling and electromagnetic radiation, one of which is caused by other; distance and efficiency. Electromagnetic induction works on the principle of a primary coil generating a predominantly magnetic field and a secondary coil being within that field so a current induced within its coils. This causes the relatively short range due to the amount of power required to produce an electromagnetic field. Over great distances the non-resonant induction method is inefficient and wastes much of the transmitted energy just to increase range.
WiTricity technology to power all devices in a room
Unlike the multiple-layer secondary of a non-resonant  transformer, such receiving coils are single layer solenoids with closely spaced capacitor plates on each end, which in combination allow the coil to be tuned to transmitter frequency thereby eliminating the wide energy wasting “wave problem” and allowing the energy used to focus in on a specific frequency increasing range.
The non-radiative field mediates the power exchange with the other coil (the receiving unit) specially designed to resonate with the field. The resonant nature of the process ensures the strong interaction between the sending unit and receiving unit, while the interaction with the rest of environment is weak. The crucial advantage of using non-radiative field lies in the fact that most of the power is not picked up by receiving coil remains bound to the vicinity of the sending unit,instead of being radiated into the environment and lost.  Witricity’s technology is more than traditional magnetic induction. It is different from radiative power transfer and magnetic resonance imaging.

1.         Highly resonant strong coupling provides high efficiency over distance
2.         Energy transfer via magnetic near field can penetrate and wrap around obstacles
3.         Non-radiative energy transfer is safe for people and animals
4.         Scalable design enables solutions from milli watts to kilowatts
5.    More convenient, reliable and eco- friendly
1.       Direct wireless power-when all the power a device needs is provided wirelessly, and no batteries are required. This mode is for a device that is always used within range of its power source.
2.       Automatic Wireless Charging—when a device with rechargeable batteries charges itself while still in use or at rest, without requiring a power cord or battery replacement. This mode is for a mobile device that may be used both in and out of range of itsWi Tricity power source

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