Traffic Light Controller Using Microcontroller | Full Project

The project aims at developing a real life control system, an intelligent Traffic light controller for a four road cross junction. With the increase in the traffic particularly in cities the need of an automatic traffic light control has gained an importance as the entire process of controlling traffic is difficult to be operated by man power. In a busy four road cross junction controlling vehicles on the four sides and pedestrians is not an easy task to handle by human. A traffic control system solves these problems by continuously monitoring traffic conditions and adjusting the timing of traffic lights according to the actual traffic load.The role of an automatic controller is to allow the vehicles in certain directions and pedestrians in the other one simultaneously without any accident. It goes from one side to other side and completes all the four roads and cycle continues. Simultaneously multiple parameters, both vehicles and pedestrians on all the roads have to be checked. The difficulty can be tackled through a microcontroller. The microcontroller accommodates all the traffic lights and counters with the help of its input output ports. The present project is designed by making use of the basic microcontroller 8051.

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