Total Genius campus 2012:Play energy mix!

Total Genius campus 2012:play energy mix! is an online gaming event by Total.  In the game the students are invited to manage the energy need of a virtual nation Genius land. The game helps the students to learn optimization of energy mix and become an expert in energy planning.It also helps to gain an understanding of the budgetary, political and environmental issues associated with different types of energy use.
The winners will be the individual players and teams who gain the highest scores in the game, with a university ranking of the institutions with the highest scores across their top players. 

For the best players: TOTAL shares, digital tablet, digital Camcorder, digital camera, sound system speaker, charger and USB hub.
For the best teams: One weekend in Paris with a visit to TOTAL head office in La Défense, digital tablets, digital Camcorders, digital cameras, cell phone holders, travel alarm clocks..
For the 3 best Universities: 2 students of their choosing, attend Total’s Summer School for 1 all-inclusive week in Paris.

Competition remains open until APRIL 26, 2012

So why wait?Start playing today itself!!
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