Tathva Introduces Robo race event Accelerobot-x

NIT Calicut’s Tathva introduces Accelerobot-x

Accelerobotx is a new addition to the electrical events of Tathva. The event boast a total prize money of Rs. 30K.The event is on 19th October,2012.So here are the event details.

Problem Statement 

Build a vehicle that is controlled solely by wrist movement. The challenge is to guide the wireless through a puzzled passage in the least possible time.

About the Event

  • The vehicle must be at least 15cm wide and 15cm long. There is no size constraint for the external device.
  • The machine should be controlled by a wireless mechanism that uses only wrist movements to manipulate the movement of the vehicle.
  • The Machine must be controlled by the following wrist movements only
  • The machine must not be made from Lego parts, or any ready-made assembly kits but they can have ready-made micro-controller boards, ready-made sensor kits and accelerometers.
  • Power supplies for the system will not be provided.
  • Each team can have a maximum of 3 members and Cross college teams are permitted.

One way to do this

You can do this by using an accelerometer which you can get from the market for around Rs.700. Accelerometer can be used to sense wrist motion and you can program the microcontroller accordingly.

You can check out more event details at www.tathva.org 

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