Startup Weekend at NIT Trichy

Have you ever felt the urge to:
Lock yourself in a room with 120 people for 54 hours?
Test your limits of sleep deprivation?
Get grilled by some of the toughest industry experts around?

If the answer is yes, then chances are, you’re a crazy-ass entrepreneur and you should probably check out your local Startup Weekend here:
It isn’t always pretty. It will be one of the most gruelling, mentally-draining weekends of your life. You will go at 1000 miles/hour, and guess what? It still won’t be fast enough.

But, if you can stick it out, you will have gained the equivalent of months worth of learning, building, and networking in one weekend. Hell, you might even start your first company. It worked for Groupnotes click here to know:
But you need to prepare before showing up. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

For Offline Registrations please click here:

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