Wireless Recharging System Seminar Report

Wireless Recharging System Abstract

Instead of each device needing its own charger, it is possible to recharge phones and cameras by placing them on a plastic pad the size of a mouse mat. A dense array of coils buried in the pad will transmit energy to the gadget to charge its batteries. And it will be possible to charge as many gadgets as can fit on the pad at once. The wireless recharging solution has two parts

Receiver Module

A sub-millimeter thin module that can be customized to about any size, shape or curve of a device is fixed inside the device and makes no visible impact to product appearance. Designed for use in PDAs, mobile phones, personal music players and portable gaming devices, as well as a host of other consumer electronic products, it enables immediate, safe and contact less recharging for the first implementation of a truly wireless mobile lifestyle.

Recharging Pad

This Pad is a thin (less than 6mm) universal wireless charging platform that plugs into any electrical outlet and can be built into any surface with no possibility of shock or discharge.The base can deliver over 240W, is safe from spills and does not emit radiation or cause radio interference.

The base station is plugged into an AC adapter and can deliver up to 30V DC to an individual device. It’s also completely safe, and if any charge were delivered to a person, it would be at the level of a low-voltage battery, virtually imperceptible to humans and certainly not harmful. The final base units will be waterproof and protected from electrostatic charges.Any device fitted with the module instantly begins to recharge when placed anywhere on the Pad in a safe and totally contact less fashion and multiple devices can be charged simultaneously on single pad.This pad conforms to worldwide safety standards.

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