Seminar Report – Satellite Based Solar Power Plant

Satellite Based Solar Power Plant Seminar Abstract

Satellite Based Solar Power Plant is a widely researched topic now a days. A major problem facing Planet Earth is provision of an adequate supply of clean energy. It has been that we face “three simultaneous challenges –population growth, resource consumption, and environmental degradation, all converging particularly in the matter of sustainable energy supply.” One of the so-called new renewables on which major reliance is almost certain to be placed is solar power. Solar power captured on the Earth is familiar to all. This seminar topic is an alternative approach to exploiting solar power, to capture it in space and convey it to the Earth by wireless means.

As with terrestrial capture, Satellite based solar power provides a source that is virtually carbon-free and sustainable. The power-collecting platforms would most likely operate in lower earth geosynchronous orbit where they would be illuminated 24 hours a day (except for short eclipse periods around the equinoxes). Thus, unlike systems for the terrestrial capture of solar, a space-based system would not be limited by the vagaries of the day-night cycle. Furthermore, if the transmission frequency is properly chosen, delivery of power can be carried out essentially independent of weather conditions. Thus Satellite Power Stations could provide the base load demand of electricity in the near future.

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