3D Display Technology Seminar Report

3D  Display Technology Seminar Abstract

Possibly the biggest commercial story in displays in recent years is the arrival of 3Dready TVs. Now that they have arrived, theres no stopping them. Researchers continue to pursue different approaches of active shutter vs. passive glasses technology, and glass-free viewing, which according to many experts is a major challenge that must be met in order to make 3D displays truly successful. In this seminar, the different types of 3D displays are reviewed as well as the technologies used in those displays are explained, many of which are based on liquid crystal displays (LCDs). The upsurge of Autostereoscopic displays and its ease of use as compared to stereoscopic displays are also conveyed. Autostereoscopic displays combined with the parallax barrier method have a number of advantages, the most important being the ability to switch from 2-D to 3-D mode. The concept of Integral imaging is also gaining popularity which is also discussed in this seminar. Although some setbacks faced by 3D displays have been solved, the industry still faces a number of challenging problems which are addressed through this seminar.

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