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Remote controlled Fan Regulator is one of the applications of electronics to increase the facilities of life. Fan is one of the unavoidable Electronic equipment in our day today life. It ahs become essential element without which people can’t lead a smooth life. The presence of a fan in a house or office is not now considered as a luxury on the other hand it is included in the basic requirement. The use of new electronic theories have been put down by expertise to increase the facilities given by the existing appliance. Here the facility of ordinary fan is increased by the making it controlled by a remote. In remote controlled fan regulator we can regulate the speed of the fan by using a remoter control. Here the variation in the firing angle of triac is used for regulating the speed. In this 2 NE 555 IC is wired as Monostable multivibrator. MOC 3021 act as optoisolator there is a decade counter CD 4017. For varying firing angle there is a Triac BT 136. For regulating the input AC supply there is a regulator Section consisting of IC 7809 and transformer (12 V0- 12 V).

For receiving IR signal TSO P1738 is used. Any button on the remote can be used for controlling speed of the fan. Using this circuit, we can change the speed of the fan from our couch or bed. This circuit is used for controlling this speed of the fan in 5 levels. This innovating can be success only if people are made aware about its advantages and how uses friendly it is. The circuit can be used to regulate the intensity of light. This innovation finds its use mainly to help oldage people who doesn’t want. To walk in order to control he speed of fan. It also finds its use of somebody wants to change the speed while sleeping. They don’t want to go out of the bed.

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