Recent Advances in Aircraft Technology

Edited by : Ramesh K. Agarwal

Publisher : InTech

The book describes the state of the art and latest advancements in technologies for various areas of aircraft systems. In particular it covers wide variety of topics in aircraft structures and advanced materials, control systems, electrical systems, inspection and maintenance, avionics and radar and some miscellaneous topics such as green aviation. The authors are leading experts in their fields. Both the researchers and the students should find the material useful in their work.

Book Contents

  • One Dimensional Morphing Structures for Advanced Aircraft
  • A Probabilistic Approach to Fatigue Design of Aerospace Components by Using the Risk Assessment Evaluation
  • Study of Advanced Materials for Aircraft Jet Engines Using Quantitative Metallography
  • ALLVAC 718 Plus™ Superalloy for Aircraft Engine Applications
  • Potential of MoSi2 and MoSi2-Si3N4 Composites for Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines
  • An Algorithm for Parameters Identification of an Aircraft’s Dynamics
  • Influence of Forward and Descent Flight on Quadrotor Dynamics
  • Advanced Graph Search Algorithms for Path Planning of Flight Vehicles
  • GNSS Carrier Phase-Based Attitude Determination
  • A Variational Approach to the Fuel Optimal Control Problem for UAV Formations
  • Measuring and Managing Uncertainty Through Data Fusion for Application to Aircraft Identification System
  • Subjective Factors in Flight Safety
  • Power Generation and Distribution System for a More Electric Aircraft – A Review
  • Power Electronics Application for More Electric Aircraft
  • Key Factors in Designing In-Flight Entertainment Systems
  • Methods for Analyzing the Reliability of Electrical Systems Used Inside Aircrafts
  • Automatic Inspection of Aircraft Components Using Thermographic and Ultrasonic Techniques
  • The Analysis of the Maintenance Process of the Military Aircraft
  • Review of Technologies to Achieve Sustainable (Green) Aviation
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems for Small Aircrafts: Data Processing Approaches
  • Avionics Design for a Sub-Scale Fault- Tolerant Flight Control Test-Bed
  • Study of Effects of Lightning Strikes to an Aircraft

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