Room Temperature Control Using Atmega16 Project Report

Room Temperature Control Using Atmega16 Abstract
The temperature monitoring is becoming more and more important in a lot of industries, like food industry, the laboratory, pharmaceutical industry or even in environmental monitoring, temperature control is vital. Many people still underestimate the importance of having an adequate temperature monitor in place, but failing to have one could mean that the company is breaking the law. According to food safety law, all food products have to be kept at designated temperatures if they’re going to be safe to eat. Having them too cold renders them inedible and too warm and it could encourage bacteria growth, so keeping a close eye on temperatures is vital. This applies to the storage areas, such as the fridges or freezers, but it also applies to the preparation and cooking areas and even on the shop floor itself, so it’s essential to have a temperature monitor at every step of the way. In this project an attempt has been made to control the room temperature by sensing the temperature and varying it using fan and heater.
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