Mobile Controlled Door Opening System Project Report

Mobile Controlled Door Opening System Abstract
Now we are living in a fast world where security, speed, easiness etc. have a lot of importance. In this situation importance of keyless entry system arises. A keyless entry system is an electronic lock that controls access to a building or vehicle without using a traditional mechanical key. The term keyless entry system originally meant a lock controlled by a keypad located at or near the driver’s door, that required pressing a predetermined (or self-programmed) numeric code for entry.
By taking advantage of dual-tone multi-frequency signaling, the security system has the ability to introduce security. Procedure consists of the user attempting a password entry over the phone. Using the password entered in the phone door lock can open automatically. The system also has the ability to provide feedback to the user regarding the state of the system through a special user mode. By combining the mobility of this telecommunication medium with microcontrollers, the system achieves a secure, convenient, and automated form of security for a place of residence.
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