Power Sharing of Transformers with overload Protection : Project Abstract

Excerpts From Abstract 

This project is concerned with the design and fabrication of a hardware that will monitor the performance of the load sharing process by taking power consumed by the load into consideration. This power is displayed on the monitor with the aid of suitable software.

The operation of transformers in parallel becomes necessary because:

  • If the amount to be transformed is greater than which can be handled by one transformer, it becomes necessary to employ two or more units in parallel. 
  • To meet the additional demand or a power system it becomes necessary to replace the existing unit by unit of greater capacity or to install the additional unit to carry a portion of the load. The cost of making such changes will in many cases be greater than if the original transformer is connected in parallel with another to carry a portion of the load. Hence in this project “Power Sharing of Transformers” paralleling of transformers become necessary. 

In case of deviations from the normal values, suitable control actions can be implemented to ensure reliable operation of relays. So the transformers are connected in parallel to share the load.

It also has a Thermistor to monitor the temperature of the transformer, and a Flame Sensor to detect the Flame, and an Intruder Sensor to detect intruder and the transformer will be tripped if any of the above is sensed.

Also we have Recycling Time, which will monitor the load, and disconnects the unwanted transformer from sharing.

Courtesy : Bhanu Kishore

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