Virtual Surgery Seminar Report

Virtual Surgery Seminar Abstract

Rapid change is under way on several fields in medicine and surgery. Advance in computing power have enabled continued growth in virtual reality, visualization, and simulation technologies. The ideal learning opportunities afforded by simulated and virtual environments have prompted their exploration as learning moralities for surgical education and training. Ongoing improvements in this technology suggest an important future role for virtual reality and simulation in medicine.Virtual reality is defined as human computer interface that simulate realistic environments while enabling participant interaction, as a 3D digital world that accurately models actual environment, or simply as cyberspace.Virtual reality is just beginning to come to that threshold level where we can begin using Simulators in Medicine the way that the Aviation industry has been using it for the past 50 Years to avoid errors. In surgery, the life of the patient is of atmost importance and surgeon cannot experiment on the patient body. Virtual Reality provide a good tool to experiment the various complications arise during surgery.

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