Nano Technology in Cancer Treatment Seminar Report

Nano Technology in Cancer Treatment Seminar Abstract

To meet the goal of eliminating death and suffering from cancer, Nanotechnology cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention was founded. On novel nano devices capable of one or more clinically important functions, including detecting cancer at its earliest stages, pinpointing its location within the body, delivering anticancer drugs specifically to malignant cells, and determining if these drugs are killing malignant cells. As these nano devices are evaluated in clinical trials, researchers envision that nanotechnology will serve as multi functional tools that will not only be used with any number of diagnostic and therapeutic agents, but will change the very foundations of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention which are the main part of this paper. The advent of nanotechnology in cancer research couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. To harness the potential of nanotechnology in cancer, NCI is seeking broad scientific input to provide direction to research and engineering applications.

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