More IEEE Seminar Ideas for ECE – 2014

New IEEE Seminar Seminar Ideas for ECE -2014

  • Gold/Molecule/P +Si Devices:Variable Temperature Electronic Transport
  • Game Theory for Network Security
  • Graphene Sensors
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Plasma Photonics
  • Integrating off board cameras and vehicle on board localization for pedestrian safety
  • Car License Plate Detection Method
  • Building Quadrotor
  • Director Model for electo optics of blue phase Liquid crystal
  • Energy aware mobile transmission using mobility
  • Co-operative wireless based obstacles object mapping in robotic network
  • Human recognizable robotic gestures
  • Morphogenetic robots
  • 3D face recognition under occulsion using masked projection
  • OFDMA in WiMax & LTE
  • Voice input voice output comm
  • An embedded real time finger vein recognition system formolule devices
  • A wireless portable system with microsensors for monitoring respiratory diseases
  • High resolution Torch floor system
  • Hetogeneous integration of Bio-sensing system on chip & printed electronics
  • Bluetooth based home automation using cellphones
  • Robotic platforms for minimally invasive surgery
  • Inductive power transfer
  • Smart parking
  • Thin film transistors & circuits based on carbon nanaotubes.
  • Multiband printed Meandered loop antennas
  • Mitigation of potical background noise
  • Flurorescence imaging in surgery
  • Remote user interface
  • Coverage enhancing algorithm based on overlap sense ratio in wireless multimedia sensor network
  • Mutual Authentical protocol for RFID
  • Single chip torch controller for tablet torch application
  • Under water free space optical comm
  • Cross layer enabled network node
  • Fiber optic displacement sensor
  • Programmable neutral processing on a smarttest for brain compter interface
  • Ecorouting Navigation system
  • Image debelurring
  • millimeter wave mobile commucation for 5G cellular
  • Printed loop antenna
  • Technological advances in flexible displays & substrates.
  • Safe driving using mobile phones
  • Large scale Auto-GPS analysis for discerning behaviour change during crisis
  • RF wireless active Glaucoma Intraculator pressure monitor
  • Personal satellite communication
  • SOI sensing technologies
  • Terahertz terabit wireless communication
  • Eco driving assistant based on traffic sign detection and optimal deceleration patterns
  • 3D warping engine
  • Low power ultrawideband wireles Telemetry for medicalsensor application
  • Brain computer Interfacing
  • Universal view syntesis
  • A stereo based object tracking approach at Rocindabouts
  • Periocular Biometrics
  • Tele wobble
  • 1Gb/s Txin over a phosphorescent white LED
  • Dual level adaptive supply voltage system for variation resilience
  • Mobile Biometrics
  • An elastic error correction code technique for NAND flash based consumer electronic devices
  • Semi global depth estimation algorithm for mobile 3D video application
  • Biosensor Technologies for Augmented Brain–Computer Interfaces
  • Mobile phone as seismologic sensor
  • Boomerang protocol

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