Mini Project : Non Uniform Motion Object Counter


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This project aims at building a basic model of a counter to count objects in non-uniform motion using SHARP – GP1A51HRJ00F – PHOTOINTERRUPTER sensors, IC74HC02 NOR Gates, IC 74HC74 D Flip Flop etc.In the demonstration we pass a card as an input to the sensors. If the object is sufficiently large enough to excite both the sensors an input is detected. An input instance is only accepted if the counter is not busy processing another input. It’s compared with an identifier input to check if the object had already passed through or not. The count for each type of object is calculated and displayed using a 7 segment display. The process is repeated till all objects are counted and classified.In practice we do not use an actual identifier as its complex and rather expensive. Instead the circuit is tested using a simulation software SIMETRIX to work for possible manual inputs provided for the identifier input.

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