Mini Project For ECE : Survey Robot

Survey Robot


To build a robot that can find the length of a wall in a closed room in which it is placed.The room must meet the following specifications:
The room must be completely closed
The room must contain only 90 degree corners


The robot uses a wall-hugging algorithm to move parallel to the walls.An encoder is used to count the number of rotations of the wheel. This is done using interrupts from a sensor on the wheel which counts the number of times a black stripe along the diameter of the wheel passes in front of it.Proximity sensors on the front and side of the robot detects corners and ensure the bot keeps moving parallel to the walls.The robot uses differential drive system employing geared motors.The robot knows when it has travelled the entire wall section by counting the number of turns it makes.When it reaches the end, the number of half-rotations is divided by two and multiplied by the circumference of the wheel to give the distance travelled and hence the perimeter of the room.

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