LTE – The Radio Technology Path Towards 4G Seminar Report

LTE radio technology path towards 4G ECE Seminar Abstract

The Long Term Evolution (LTE) represents a major advance in cellular technology. It entails a big technological improvement as compared to the previous 3G standard. It is designed to meet carrier needs for high-speed data and media transport and high capacity voice support. It enable operators to offer high performance, through a combination of high bit-rates and system throughput – in both the uplink and downlink – with low latency and reduced cost of operation.In this paper, we discussed the most important characteristics of LTE (Long Term Evolution): its simplified network architecture which allows ultimate means for adaptation of the radio transmission to the Internet packet traffic flows and to the varying channel states. LTE radio resource management and EUTRAN protocols are discussed. (LTE radio technology path towards 4G ECE Seminar)

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