Latest Robotics Projects Ideas 2013

  • Object tracking system by adaptive pan‐tilt‐zoom cameras and arm robot 
  • Autonomous Robotic Patrol Vehicles 
  • Robot‐Assisted Healthcare Support for an Aging Society 
  • Versatile Self Navigating Robotic Base – Applied for Agricultural Vehicles 
  • Search and Rescue Robots for The Civil Protection Teams of the Future
  • Design of control system for elderly‐assistant & walking‐assistant robot based on fuzzy adaptive method
  • Virtual Blue Printing Robot for Indoor Surveillance in Combating Urban Terrorism
  • Development of indoor positioning system with ultrasonic and infrared signals 
  • Results with autonomous vehicles operating in specialty crops 
  • Color anomaly detection and suggestion for wilderness search and rescue
  • Building wall maintenance robot based on built‐in guide rail
  • Position tracking and recognition of everyday objects by using sensors embedded in an environment and mounted on mobile robots
  • A geological perception system for autonomous mining
  • Preliminary design of the multi‐legged underwater walking robot CR 
  • Wildlife Tracking and Accident Prevention System Using Robotics 
  • A proposed gesture set for the control of industrial collaborative robots 
  • Multisensor Contour Following With Vision, Force, and Acceleration Sensors for an Industrial Robot 
  • An interactive and efficient voice processing system for embedded applications
  • Multiple Sensor Fusion for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle 
  • Versatile Intelligent Multi Axis Robotic Arm with Object Detection and Sorting 
  • Implementation of a Robotic Self Navigating Weapon System for Defense Applications 
  • The Design and Implement of Embedded Remote Control System in Industrial Robot
  • A color‐sorting SCARA robotic arm 
  • Real‐time human tracking using fusion sensor for home security robot 
  • Human motion based search and rescue robot in natural calamities 
  • Strawberry robotic harvesting system 
  • A configurable swarm robot platform for remote sensing applications 
  • Online control of remote operated agricultural Robot using fuzzy controller and virtual instrumentation 
  • Warfield Communications Jammer Robot 
  • Smart Host Microcontroller for Optimal Battery Charging in a Solar‐
  • Powered Robotic Vehicle 
  • A mobile robot controlled by an adaptive inertial interface for children with physical and cognitive disorders 
  • Speech recognition based wireless automation of home loads with fault identification for physically challenged 
  • Development of a robotic‐arm controller by using hand gesture recognition
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