Latest Project Topics for Electronics and Instrumentation

Following is a list of electronics project topics for Electronics and Communication Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering streams.


  1.  Digital Real time Clock Implementation with Micro controller and LCD.
  2. Industrial conveyer belt object counting system.
  3. Intelligent High Power LED Street light Control System.
  4. Digital Frequency Meter with LCD Display
  5. IR Remote Controlled Real time Clock with LCD display
  6. Transformer real time temperature monitoring and thermal Overload protection
  7. Digital RPM Indicator for Electrical Motor with Over speed alarm Indicator
  8. Infrared Remote based Electrical Device Control with Triac and Optically Isolated Diac
  9. Infrared Remote controlled High Voltage device switching with Electromagnetic Relay
  10. IR TV remote controlled DC Motor speed controller with password protection
  11. IR TV remote controlled Stepper Motor controller with password protection
  12. LDR based automatic lamp illumination controller with High Power/Intensity LED lighting (PWM control)
  13. Optically Isolated Fuse blown Indicator with Sound and light indicator
  14. High Voltage Fuse blown Indicator with Display on Computer/PC
  15. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Speed Control of a DC Motor
  16. IR LED and LDR based Heartbeat Monitor with display on LCD.
  17. IR LED and LDR based Heartbeat Monitor with display on Computer/PC.
  18. Temperature Controlled Fan (DC Motor based with PWM).
  19. Real time Car battery monitoring and low voltage alert system.
  20. Automatic room light intensity based window blinds control system.
  21. Temperature based ceiling fan speed control system (230v AC Motor).
  22.  Automatic Irrigation water supply monitoring and control system.
  23. Infrared remote controlled garage door control system.
  24. Automatic washing machine motor control system.
  25. Vehicle inside and outside temperature monitoring system.
  26. Wireless split AC blower and compressor control system.
  27. Industrial and Home Security System based projects using various sensors like smoke, Fire, GAS, Temperature, PIR, IR, RF etc.
  28. Digital RPM indicator on LCD display (Used in latest Bikes and Cars etc.)
  29.  GPS Speedo meter with Over speed alert system.
  30.  GPS and microcontroller based location (latitude and longitude) display On lcd display
  31. Microcontroller based GPS Clock. It maintains accurate time based on the signals received from the satellites.
  32. GPS and Microcontroller based Geographical location Identification System.
  33. Digital Thermostat with LCD Temperature Display.
  34. Embedded Real-time Clock based Industrial Devices Control System.
  35. GPS Based Train/Bus Station Indication System with display on LCD.
  36. GPS based Speedo meter (Used in Boats, Ships, Aero planes etc).
  37.  Microcontroller based digital Over voltage Protection system for industrial loads.
  38. Radio Frequency (RF 433 MHz) based Industrial Wireless Device Control System.
  39. Microcontroller based advanced automatic city street control system.
  40.  Industrial Advanced Temperature monitoring and Control System.
  41. Microcontroller based water level monitoring and control system.
  42. Microcontroller based Digital Alpha-numeric message scrolling Display.
  43. Automatic intrusion Alarm/Alert System.
  44. Digital Energy Meter LCD display.
  45. Radio Frequency based Real-time Child monitoring and alarm system.
  46. Real-time burglar alarm system using PIR Sensor (Passive Infrared Sensor
  47. Mobile phone (DTMF) controlled electrical device switching
  48. Automatic advanced Railway gate Control System.

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