Latest Main Projects List For EE | Electrical Engineering – 2013

  • Zigbee based obstacle sensing robot
  • Zero sequence blocking transformer using three single phase transformers
  • Vector control of 3 phase induction motor using double level vsi.
  • Under ground cable fault detector
  • Three phase fault detection
  • Speed control of dc motor using radio frequency
  • Speed control of dc motor using dc chopper
  • Speed control of brushless dc motor
  • Speed control and power factor improvement in induction motor
  • Software for pnuematic system for hal – hybrid assistive limb
  • Smart metering in smart grid
  • Single phase inverter fed from fixed dc source
  • Single phase five level inverter
  • Simulation of upfc control
  • Sign language translator
  • Robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom
  • Multi-input dc boost converter for grid connected hybrid pv/fc/battery power system
  • Modelling and control of rotary inverted pendulum
  • Microcontroller based dc motor control
  • Making a teaching kit using raspberry pi
  • Low cost implementation of digital relays
  • Load voltage regulation using vrs
  • Micro grid power management
  • Implementation of wavelet based ac motor fault detection using arm processor
  • Harmonic filter
  • Development of software package for sequential and synchronous operations of six motor drives.
  • Development of advanced embedded system for home security using gsm
  • Design a standby power supply across 220v mains
  • Dc motor speed control using pic microcontroller
  • Character and face recognition
  • Brake fault detection for four wheeler
  • Automatic control of hybrid bicycle
  • Advanced ir remote control switch board
  • Wireless energy meter

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