Latest Embedded Projects For ECE

Latest Embedded Projects For ECE
  • A Remote Home Security System Based On Wireless Sensor Network And Gsm Technology
  • A wireless design of low cost irrigation system using Zigbee technology.
  • A Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network and Multi-Way Bus, Communication Medium Using CAN Bus
  • Advanced Encryption standard [AES] implementation for control of device using RF technology.
  • Advanced smart card based digital energy meter using AVR UC
  • Automated vehicle security system with Zigbee keyless entry over CAN network.
  • PC based automated Manual guided vehicle using wireless Technology.
  • Prepaid digital energy meter with TOUCHSCREEN+GLCD.
  • Proximity based collage campus card and access control system.
  • PWM based automobile braking system with distance measurement[GP2d12]
  • Real time 8-channel data logger and store on MMC/SD card.
  • Real-time industrial process control monitoring using GSM phone.
  • RF-ID application strategy and deployment in bike renting system.
  • RF-ID based attendance system
  • RF-ID based bike renting system
  • CAN Based collision avoidance system for automobiles.
  • CAN bus, an efficient approach for monitoring and controlling manufacturing processes in industries.
  • College/school progress report results to parents mobile.
  • Collide vehicle information capturing using MEMS+GSM modem.
  • Construction of intelligent mobile phone with GSM/GPS enabled feature on ARM7 LPC2148.
  • Design & implementation of high resolution LCD applications based on LPC 2138
  • Design and implementation of efficient message scheduling for controller area network.
  • Design of ARM-based embedded Ethernet interface.
  • School kid’s chatting based on touch screen keyboard &Zigbee transceiver
  • Solar data logger into MMC/SD Memory Card.
  • Temperature Monitoring and equipment control through Ethernet [webpage].
  • The electrical Ethernet monitoring system based on embedded web server
  • Touch screen based advanced home automation system for next generation apartments
  • Touch screen based wheel chair implementation.
  • GPS based universal clock [UTC].
  • GPS-GSM integration for enhancing public transportation management services
  • Grasping latitude and longitude position inter facing using global position system. (GPS)
  • Wireless Stepper Motor Controller (Radio Rx/Tx + Stepper Motor + Microcontroller)
  • Wireless touch screen based multi-patient health monitoring system for corporate hospitals.
  • Zigbee and Touch screen Controlled PC.
  • Zigbee Based Intelli Mobile Robot for Pick & Place Operations.
  • Zigbee based street light automation system WSN [webpage].
  • Zigbee based Wireless Energy Meter reading logging system on PC.
  • Patient monitoring using Gsm and Zigbee for hospitals and old age homes.
  • RF-ID based school attendance system & parents alert using GSM modem
  • Safety auto brake system for hill station vehicle using MEMS sensor.
  • School kid’s chatting based on touch screen keyboard &RF transceiver.
  • Wireless Heartbeat Sensor (GSM based)
  • Wireless PC based multi-patient health monitoring system for Corporate Hospitals.

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