Latest Embedded Projects For ECE- List 2

Latest Embedded Projects For ECE – List 2

  • Automatic Touch screen based vehicle driving system [Robot car] [wired/wireless]
  • Bluetooth data acquisition system based on AVR/ARM.
  • CAN base dashboard implementation for automobiles.
  • 3.2’’TFT LCD+TOUCH SCREEN based home automation
  • A MEMS –based wireless multisensory module for environmental monitoring system (Zigbee).
  • A predictive controller for autonomous vehicle path tracking.
  • Microcontroller based Bank locker security system with SMS alert.
  • Microcontroller based heart beat monitor and data storage on MMC/SD card and send to wireless pc using ZigBee.
  • Implementation of can based digital driving system of a vehicle
  • Implementation of Location based advertisement system using GPS+GLCD.
  • Implementation of obstacle avoidance and Zigbee control functions for Omni directional robot.
  • Industrial automation using temperature, humidity, fire,smoke&ldr sensors using GSM modem calling
  • Industrial protection depends over smoke sensor, temp, and LDR
  • Intelligent traffic management using IR+GSM modem.
  • Design of intelligent mobile vehicle checking system based on ARM7
  • Design of intelligent tire safety pre-alarm system based on ARM7
  • Design of Sight spot ticket Management system based on RF-ID.
  • Digital album with TFT Touch screen & color LCD display.
  • Embedded web server for home automation [webpage].
  • Embedded web server for WSN [webpage].
  • Ethernet based industrial automation [webpage].
  • Tracing down the vehicle using Gsm and satellite communication
  • Traffic density analyzer cum signaling system for Metro cities.
  • Web page analyzer for TCP/UDP/IP/HTTP on ENC28J60 based AVR kit.
  • Wireless energy meter monitoring system with automatic tariff calculation on handheld.
  • Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system.
  • Momentum control of robot using Rivest cipher decoder.
  • Motion operated scrolling display using dual axis MEMS Accelerometer and LCD display.
  • Multi-stage real time health monitoring via Zigbee in smart homes.

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