IEEE 2010 VLSI Project Topics

Wireless communication

  • FPGA Implementation of AES Algorithm
  • Wireless Jamming Attacks under Dynamic Traffic Uncertainty
  • Car Monitoring, Alerting and Tracking Model
  • FPGA-Based GPS Application System Design
  • An Embedded System and RFID Solution For Transport Related Issues
  • Keyless Car Entry through Face Recognition Using FPGA
  • Design of AM Modulation Signal Generator Based on Matlab/DSP Builder

Power Analysis

  • Ground Bounce Noise Reduction of Low leakage 1-bit Nano-CMOS based Full Adder Cells for Mobile Applications
  • CMOS Full-Adders for Energy-Efficient Arithmetic Applications
  • Variability Resilient Low-power 7T-SRAM Design for nano-Scaled Technologies
  • A Wide-Range All-Digital Delay-Locked Loop in 65nm CMOS Technology
  • Dual Stack Method: A Novel Approach to Low Leakage and Speed Power Product VLSI Design
  • Standby Leakage Power Reduction Technique for Nanoscale CMOS VLSI Systems
  • Optimal Design For Ground Bounce Noise Reduction Using Sleep Transistor
  • A Novel Overlap-Based Logic Cell: An Efficient Implementation of Flip–Flops With Embedded Logic
  • Design of A Low Power Flip-Flop Using CMOS Deep Submicron Technology
  • A Novel Adaptive Design Methodology for Minimum Leakage Power Considering PVT Variations on Nanoscale VLSI Systems

Image Processing

  • Optimization of Processor Architecture for Image Edge Detection Filter
  • Flexible Hardware Architecture of Hierarchical K-Means Clustering for Large Cluster Number
  • Message Encoding in Images Using Lifting Schemes
  • Medical Image Retrieval using Energy Efficient Wavelet Transform
  • A Pipeline VLSI Architecture for High-Speed Computation of the 1-D Discrete Wavelet Transform
  • Design of Pipelined FFT Processor Based on FPGA
  • An FPGA-based Architecture for Linear and Morphological Image Filtering
  • Motion human detection based on background subtraction
  • GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services
  • A Color Image Segmentation algorithm Based on Region Growing
  • Reconfigurable Hardware for Median Filtering for Image Processing Applications
  • Adaptive 2-D Wavelet Transform Based on the Lifting Scheme with Preserved Vanishing Moments
  • Performance Evaluation of DES and Blowfish Algorithms
  • A new and efficient algorithm for the removal of high density salt and pepper noise in images and videos
  • Ocean Wave Observation by GPS Signal
  • Performance Comparison and Analysis of PSK and QAM

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