Hybrid Electric Vehicle Seminar Report

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Seminar Report Abstract

A hybrid electric vehicle is a hybrid vehicle that combines a conventional propulsion system with a rechargeable energy storage system to achieve better fuel economy than a conventional vehicle. Its secondary propulsion system, additional to the electric motor, means that it does not require regular visits to a charging unit as a battery electric vehicle does. Modern mass-produced HEVs prolong the charge in their batteries by capturing kinetic energy by means of regenerative braking, and some HEVs can use internal combustion engines (ICE) to generate electricity by spinning an electrical generator to either recharge the battery or directly feed power to an electric motor that drives the vehicle. Many HEVs reduce idle emissions by shutting down the internal combustion engine at idle and restarting it when needed. A HEVs engine is smaller than a non-hybrid fossil fuel vehicle and may be run at various speeds, providing greater efficiency.( Hybrid Electric Vehicle Seminar Report)

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