Graphene-Replacement for Silicon in Semiconductors Seminar Report

Graphene-Semiconductor Silicon Replacement Seminar ECE Abstract

In this report well get introduced to the fascinating substance Graphene and see how it can contribute to electronics in future. Graphene is a single layer sheet of graphite, which is is used in normal pencil lead. The recent development of a method to isolate single graphene layers created a lot of excitement in the scientific world, leading to the award of the 2010 physics Nobel prize to Geim and Novoselov. This is due to the unique mechanical and electronic properties of graphene, making it interesting not only from the fundamental physics point of view, but also for applications. The idea of a sheet consisting of a single layer of atoms, stable enough to be freely suspended, is very fascinating. But also the electronic properties of graphene are special and different from standard semiconductors. (Graphene-Semiconductor Silicon Replacement Seminar ECE)

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