GPS Based Project Ideas

GPS Based Project Ideas For ECE and EEE 

IEEE Based Projects

  • Efficient Cost-Based Tracking of Scheduled Vehicle Journeys
  • Software/hardware co-design of a vehicle trajectory monitoring system
  • Intelligent Fleet Management System with Concurrent GPS & GSM
  • The Design of Vehicle emergent calling system based on gprs
  • GPS Based Mobile Tele Monitoring and Management System for Inter cities Public Transportations
  • Development of pedestrian-to-vehicle communication system prototype for pedestrian safety using both wide-area and direct communication
  • GPS-Based Path Following Control for a Car-Like Wheeled Mobile Robot With Skidding and Slipping
  • The design and implementation of an autonomous campus patrol robot
  • Remote Sensing & Control of an Irrigation System using A distributed Wireless Sensor Network
  • Pinpointing the Place of Origin of a Cellular Phone Emergency Call Using Active RFID Tags
  • Autonomous Traveling Control of the “TAO Aicle” Intelligent Wheelchair
  • Monitoring and Transmission of Heavy Vehicles Parameters using Fixed Cellular Terminal

Other titles

  • Autonomous Vehicle With Gps Navigation.
  • Continuous Gps Data Storage On Eeprom.
  • Grasping Latitude And Longitude Position Inter Facing Using Global Position System. (Gps).
  • Inter Facing Gps Receiver With Microcontroller.
  • Microcontroller Driven Gps Clock(Gps+ Microcontroller+ Lcd)

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