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Augmented reality (AR) refers to computer displays that add virtual information to a user’s sensory perceptions. In general it superimposes graphics over a real world environment in real time. 
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Google project glass

Google Project glass is a research program by Google X labs to develop such  an augmented reality head mount display. Imagine a glass in which a bar of small icons floats just above the wearer’s line of sight, and by looking upward, the wearer can interact with the icons by natural language voice commands in a manner similar to the iPhone application to view the weather, send text messages, take photos and videos, sent a mail, video chat and do much more.Is this amazing? Yes!This is the core concept behind these glasses.Watch this video to get a clear picture of this technology.Article SuggestionSixth Sense Technology

Head-worn displays for augmented reality are not a new idea but this project has drawn media attention since  the prototype developed by Google is smaller and slimmer than previous designs for head-mounted displays. The New York Times reported that the glasses would be available to the public by the end of this year.Google glasses will be using Android operating systems The Google team working on the glasses has already created a Google+ page so that public can keep up with their work and submit their ideas for improving the quality this glasses.

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