General Electric ( GE) Interview Questions and Placement Procedure

GE Interview Questions and Placement Procedure for Electrical Engineers

Company : General Electric ( GE ) India
Round 1: Written Test
Round 2: Technical Interview
Round 3: HR Interview
Branches : Electrical & Electronics

About the Company

General Electric (GE) is an American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in New York and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.As of 2016, the company operates through the following segments:Aviation, Current, Digital, Energy Connections, Global Research, Healthcare, Lighting, Oil and Gas, Power, Renewable Energy, Transportation, and Capital which cater to the needs of Financial services, Medical devices, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Software Development and Engineering industries.

Placement Procedure

Round 1 : Written Test

  • Combination of Aptitude and Technical Questions
  • No Negative Marking
  • Difficulty Level : Medium

Round 2 : Technical Interview

  • Basic technical questions.
  • Be thorough with the basics.

Round 3: HR Interview

  • Basic HR Questions
  • Be thorough with your CV

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