Electrical Engineering Project : GSM Based Remote Monitoring of Distribution Transformer


The project work aims at design and implementation of an embedded system to monitor the key operation indicators of a distribution transformer like transformer winding temperature and secondary voltage. The proposed on-line monitoring system integrates a Global Service Mobile (GSM) Modem, with stand alone single chip microcontroller and sensor packages. It is to be installed at the distribution transformer site for sensing the above mentioned parameters using the built-in 10-channel analog to digital converter (ADC) of the embedded system. 
 In the envisaged system the acquired parameters are processed and recorded in the system memory and on any abnormal operation of the transformer like overvoltage, under voltage, temperature rise, etc. the system sends SMS (Short message Service) messages to the designated mobile phones or the control room indicating the nature of abnormality. PIC18F452 microcontroller is being used for the implementation of the proposed system.

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