Edited by Jorge Colman Lerner and Ulfilas Boldes

 ISBN 978-953-51-0611-1

Aerodynamics, from a modern point of view, is a branch of physics that study physical laws and their applications, regarding the displacement of a body into a fluid, such concept could be applied to any body moving in a fluid at rest or any fluid moving around a body at rest. This Book covers a small part of the numerous cases of stationary and non stationary aerodynamics; wave generation and propagation; wind energy; flow control techniques and, also, sports aerodynamics. It’s not an undergraduate text but is thought to be useful for those teachers and/or researchers which work in the several branches of applied aerodynamics and/or applied fluid dynamics, from experiments procedures to computational methods.

Book Contents

  • Human-Powered Vehicles – Aerodynamics of Cycling
  • Aerodynamic Design of Sports Garments
  • Comparison of Aerodynamic Effects Promoted by Mechanical and Fluidic Miniflaps on an Airfoil NACA 4412
  • Bluff Body Aerodynamics and Wake Control
  • Simulation of Flow Control with Microjets for Subsonic Jet Noise Reduction
  • Wind Turbines Aerodynamics
  • Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Study of a High Rotational Speed Centrifugal Fan
  • An Approximate Riemann Solver for Euler Equations
  • Aerodynamic Performance of the Flapping Wing

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