Designing Analog Chips

Author: Hans Camenzind

Excerpts from Introduction

“Everything is going digital”.  Cell phones, television, video disks, hearing aids, motor controls, audio amplifiers, toys, printers, what have you.Analog design is obsolete, or will be shortly.Or so most people 
think.Imminent death has been predicted for analog since the advent of the PC.  But it is still here; in fact, analog ICs have been growing at almost exactly the same rate as digital ones.A digital video disk player has more analog content than the (analog) VCR ever did.The explanation is rather simple: the world is fundamentally analog.  Hearing is analog.Vision, taste, touch, smell, analog all.  So is lifting and walking.  Generators, motors, loud-speakers, microphones, solenoids, batteries, antennas, lamps, LEDs, laser diodes, sensors are fundamentally analog components.The digital revolution is constructed on top of an analog reality.  
This fact simply won’t go away.  

Book Contents

  • Devices Semiconductors, The Bipolar Transistor, The Integrated Circuit, Integrated NPN Transistors, The Case of the Lateral PNP Transistor, CMOS Transistors, The Substrate PNP Transistor, Diodes, Zener Diodes, Resistors, Capacitors, CMOS vs. Bipolar. 
  • Simulation, DC Analysis, AC Analysis, Transient Analysis, Variations, Models, Diode Model, Bipolar Transistor Model, Model for the Lateral PNP Transistor, MOS Transistor Models, Resistor Models, Models for Capacitors. 
  • Current Mirrors
  • Differential Pairs
  • Current Sources
  • Time Out: Analog Measures, dB, RMS, Noise, Fourier Analysis, Distortion, Frequency Compensation. 
  • Bandgap References
  • Op Amps . 
  • Comparators 
  • Transimpedance Amplifiers 
  • Timers and Oscillators . 
  • Phase-Locked Loops . 
  • Filters . 
  • Power, Linear Regulators, Low Drop-Out Regulators, Switching Regulators, Linear Power Amplifiers, Switching Power Amplifiers. 
  • A to D and D to A, The Delta-Sigma Converter. 
  • Odds and Ends, Gilbert Cell, Multipliers, Peak Detectors, Rectifiers and Averaging Circuits, Thermometers, Zero-Crossing Detectors. 
  • Layout.

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