Connecting AVR to PC

AVR tutorial Part II – Connecting AVR to PC 

To connect microcontroller with PC for programming we need an AVR programmer. In this tutorial we will be using the programmer called USBTiny. You can also use USBasp which is cheaper than USBTiny. You can get USBTiny from Sparkfun. The programmer will have a USB cable that can be used to connect with PC and an SPI cable which can be connected to the MUC.

Connecting SPI cable to MUC

Connect the SPI header to the MUC as shown in the diagram.

It will be more convenient if you can make a permanent Interface board like this so that you just need to plug this board to the respective pins while programming.

We have made all the hardware requirements for our first program! Next we will see how to configure our PC for Programming.

Head Over to Part III –Setting Up Software Environment for AVR Programming

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