Circularly Polarized Ring Patch Antenna Seminar Report

Circularly polarized ring patch antenna Seminar ECE

Antenna, also known as an aerial, a transducer designed to transmit or receive electromagnetic (e.g. TV or radio) waves. In telecommunication, patch antenna or rectangular micro strip antenna is the most common type of micro strip antennas (also known as printed antennas). A microstrip antenna is an antenna fabricated by etching the antenna element pattern in metal trace bonded to an insulating dielectric substrate, such as a PCB, with a continuous metal layer bonded to the opposite side of the substrate which forms a ground plane.This report discusses about a wideband monopolar square-ring patch antenna,circularly polarized (CP) annular-ring patch antenna and circularly polarized (CP) microstrip patch antenna. A method to enhance the flat-gain, the return-loss, and the axial ratio bandwidths of a probe-fed circularly polarized (CP) microstrip patch antenna is presented.(Circularly polarized ring patch antenna Seminar ECE)

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