Bluetooth Based  Projects for ECE and EEE 

 Bluetooth Based  Projects for ECE and EEE
IEEE Based Projects
  • Smart companion
  • Remote-controlled home automation system via Bluetooth home network
  • Usage of BluetoothTM in wireless sensors for tele-healthcare
  • Bluetooth/GMRS Car Security System with a Randomly Located Movement Detect Device
  • Bluetooth Based Wireless Remote Device Controlling and Data Acquisition
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • A GSM mobile system to monitor brain function using a near-infrared light sensor
  • A gain scheduling strategy for the control and estimation of a remote robot via Internet
  • Open architecture for contactless smartcard-based portable electronic payment systems
  • Optimized Autonomous Space In-situ Sensor-Web for Volcano Monitoring
  • A mobile web grid based physiological signal monitoring system
  • Real-time Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot
  • Mobile computing for indoor wayfinding based on bluetooth sensors for individuals with cognitive impairments
  • Networked Remote Meter-Reading System Based on Wireless Communication Technology
  • Application of Bluetooth technology in ambulatory wireless medical monitoring
  • Coupling between Bluetooth modules inside a passenger car
  • Remote system for patient monitoring using Bluetooth
Other Projects
  • Wireless Secured Data Transmission System Using Bluetooth Communication
  • Robot Control Through Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth Data Acquisition System Based On Avr
  • Remote Controlled Home Automation Via Bluetooth Home Network.
  • Intelligent Gas/Metal Sensing Bluetooth Robot
  • Intelligent Fire Monitoring Using Blue Tooth Technology
  • Industrial Devices Control Using Blue-Tooth Module
  • Bluetooth Robot With Cmos Image Sensor (Spy Robot)
  • Blue Navigator(Controlling Navigating Robot Using Blue Tooth)
  • Detecting The Conditions Of Remote Areas Through Data Acquisition System Using Bluetooth Module
  • Bluetooth Based Multiple Message Sending.
  • Bluetooth Enabled Hand Held Intelligent Multi Parameter Monitoring System

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