Edited by Zeeshan Nawaz and Shahid Naveed

Published by : InTech

About the Book

Chemical engineering applications have been a source of challenging optimization problems in terms of economics and technology. The goal of this book is to enable the reader to get instant information on fundamentals and advancements in chemical engineering.A distinct feature of this text continues to be the emphasis on molecular chemistry, reaction engineering and modeling to achieve rational and robust industrial design. Our perspective is that this background must be made available to undergraduate, graduate and professionals in an integrated manner.

Book Contents

  1. Application of Chebyshev Polynomials to Calculate Density and Fugacity Using SAFT Equation of State to Predict Asphaltene Precipitation Conditions
  2. Based on Common Inverted Microscope to Measure UV-VIS Spectra of Single Oil-Gas Inclusions and Colour Analysis
  3. Challenging Evaluation of the Hybrid Technique of Chemical Engineering – Proton NMR Technique for Food Engineering
  4. Modelling Approach for Redesign of Technical Processes
  5. Application Potential of Food Protein Modification
  6. Rational Asymmetric Catalyst Design, Intensification and Modeling
  7. Preparation, Catalytic Properties and Recycling Capabilities Jacobsen’s Catalyst
  8. Carbohydrate-Based Surfactants: Structure-Activity Relationships
  9. CO2 Biomitigation and Biofuel Production Using Microalgae: Photobioreactors Developments and Future Directions
  10. Production of Biodiesel from Microalgae
  11. Sulfonation/Sulfation Processing Technology for Anionic Surfactant Manufacture
  12. Pollutant Formation in Combustion Processes
  13. Systematic Framework for Multiobjective Optimization in Chemical Process Plant Design
  14. CFD Modelling of Fluidized Bed with Immersed Tubes
  15. Optimal Synthesis of Multi-Effect Evaporation Systems of Solutions with a High Boiling Point Rise
  16. Optimization of Spouted Bed Scale-Up by Square-Based Multiple Unit Design
  17. Techno-Economic Evaluation of Large Scale 2.5-Dimethylfuran Production from Fructose
  18. Inland Desalination: Potentials and Challenges
  19. Phase Diagrams in Chemical Engineering: Application to Distillation and Solvent Extraction
  20. Organic/Inorganic Nanocomposite Membranes Development for Low Temperature Fuel Cell Applications
  21. Membrane Operations for Industrial Applications
  22. Thermal Study on Phase Transitions of Block Copolymers by Mesoscopic Simulation

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