Mini Project : Automated Car Parking System

Automated Car Parking SystemAbout the Project

With the growing number of vehicles and the consequent shortage parking space, there is haphazard and totally unregulated parking of vehicles all over. The solution calls out for an automated parking system that not only regulates parking in a given area but also keeps the manual control to a bare minimum.
To cater to the need, here we present a miniature model of an automate car parking system that regulates the number of cars that can be parked in an area at any given time based on the parking space availability. The entry and exit of vehicles are facilitated using a totally automated gate. Status signals indicate whether space is currently available in the parking lot, and whether a car is currently in the process of entering or leaving the parking space. After the initial installation, the system requires no manual control. Everything, right from maintaining the count of vehicles to opening and closing of the gate, is automatically controlled. As this circuit uses low-cost equipments, it is cost effective.

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