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After decades of bringing us the incredible shrinking transistor, chipmakers are now against the limits of their existing printing technique. Trying to use today’s ultraviolet lasers ,today’s Next Generation Lithography(NGL) would be like trying to trace a fine line with a pre-schooler’s crayon. To get a sharp enough pencil, the semiconductor industry delves into EUV(ExtremeUltraviolet)lithography. EUV radiations have a wavelength of 13.5 nanometers, around the size of the features on the next generation of chips. Many of the current optical processes require a series of optical tricks to write features on a chip. To many in the semiconductor industry, EUV lithography is the only realistic option.This paper describes an alternate optical approach, for sub-100-nm generations, based on extreme ultraviolet radiation at around 13 nm, called extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL). Also See Latest IEEE Seminar Topics For ECE | EEE - 2014

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