Seminar Report : Biomass Supported Solar Thermal Hybrid Power Plant
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Today, there is a huge demand by customers, communities and various regulators placed upon electric utilities to provide ever increasing amounts of renewable energy. Biomass fuelled steam and electric power plants are significant contributors of renewable energy production. The high price of natural gas is also causing many owners to look at the feasibility of changing to biomass. India produces abundant quantity of agro residues (rice husk, coffee husk, cashew shells, groundnuts shells) and waste (distilled waste). Co-generation of process heat and power is an important energy saving approach. It is particularly suitable for paper, chemicals, textiles, food, and petroleum refining industries. The waste heat from power generation is used to produce process steam and so to produce power, ultimately supporting our solar power plant. The use of solar radiation and biomass for power generation is growing rapidly, particularly in areas of the globe where these resources are plentiful, like Mediterranean countries.

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