Seminars for Electrical Engineering - 2014


Seminar Report : Introduction to Game Theory
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Game Theory is the study of strategic decision-making. It can also be described as an "interactive decision theory". It emerged during the 1940's and was then primarily used in the field of economics. Over the decades since its inception, Game Theory has come to be applied in sociology, biology, operations research and wireless communication. The aim of the seminar is to provide, at an introductory level, a development of some of the theoretical concepts and computational techniques of game theory. It also o ffers some discussion on the applications of this theory, primarily in the fi eld of wireless communication. A small introduction into the process of mathematical modelling is also presented.The seminar also discusses the meaning and features of the term `games'as well as some terminology associated with games. It then goes to explain the method of decision-making in two-person zero-sum games and some of the applications of game theory in the field of wireless communication. Two problems faced in the field of wireless communication are discussed: the Forwarder's Dilemma and the Joint Packet Forwarding problem. Latest Seminar Topics for Electrical Engineering - 2014

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