Major Project for ECE 2014 


Project Report : Secured Atm With Automated Theft Prevention Technologies
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The project on ‘Secured ATM with automated theft prevention technologies’ is proposed to be developed as a competitive alternative for the existing ATM system. The existing system uses a credit card for money transaction, secured by a secret password. But this system is not completely secure because if a person has the card and the password, he can withdraw money, with or without the knowledge of the account holder. This shortcoming of the existing system can be solved with this proposed system. This project ensures a customized ATM banking with the help of biometrics technology namely the face recognition. The transaction can be completed on identifying the person with his face as the password. To enhance the security, a theft detecting and alerting system is proposed to be implemented. It makes use of force sensors and GSM technology for passing information to authorities on account of a theft attempt. This whole system is being designed for ATM counters, but can be extended for any of the applications which need high security like a locker, a vehicle; SMS based Remote controls and Alerts, Security Applications. Find More Projects for ECE

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