Company :  Oracle Financial Services Software
Round 1 : Written Test
Round 2 : Interview Technical
Round 3 : HR Interview

About the Company

Oracle Financial Services Software Placement Procedure and Interview Questions - 2014

Oracle Financial Services Software Limited is a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. It is an IT solution provider to the banking industry. It claims to have more than 900 customers in over 145 countries. Oracle Financial Services Software Limited is ranked No. 9 in IT companies of India and overall ranked No. 253 in Fortune India 500 list in 2011.

Placement Procedure

Written Test
  • Consisted of two sections, aptitude and coding skills
  • Aptitude section was further divided into Arithmetic and Logical Reasoning, Basic Engineering Aptitude and English
  • Basic Engineering Aptitude consisted of questions from Basic C++ , Data Structures etc..
  • Advanced coding Section is to test your coding skills in JAVA. If your know C++ also you can fairly attempt this round.
Technical Interview
  • Questions from JAVA, Datastructures , OOP Concepts etc.. were asked
  • Do prepare your CV well. Questions from CV was asked. 
  • Some simple puzzles were given to solve.
HR Interview
  • Basic HR Questions like hobbies, Family background, Questions based on CV etc.

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