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Piezoelectric-device-based vibration energy harvesting requires a rectifier for conversion of input ac to usable dc form. Power loss due to diode drop in rectifier is a significant fraction of the already low levels of harvested power. The proposed circuit is a low-drop-diode equivalent, which mimics a diode using linear region-operated MOSFET. The proposed diode equivalent is powered directly from input signal and requires no additional power supply for its control. Power used by the control circuit is kept at a bare minimum to have an overall output power improvement. Diode equivalent was used to replace the four diodes in a fullwave bridge rectifier, which is the basic full-wave rectifier and is a part of the more advanced rectifiers like switch-only and bias-flip rectifiers. Simulation in 130- nm technology and experiment with discrete components show that a bridge rectifier with the proposed diode provides a 30-169%increase in output power extracted from piezoelectric device, as compared to a bridge rectifier with diodeconnected MOSFETs. The bridge rectifier with the proposed diode can extract 90% of the maximum available power from an ideal piezoelectric device-bridge rectifier circuit. Setting aside the constraint of power loss, simulations indicate that diode drop as low as 10 mV at 38 A can be achieved.

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