Analysis Of Bluetooth Security Threats And CountermeasuresBluetooth provides a short range wireless communication between devices making it convenient for users and thus eliminating the need for messy cables. Bluetooth wireless technology is the most widely supported, versatile, and secure wireless standard on the market today. Bluetooth operates in the open 2.4 GHz ISM band and is now found in a vast array of products such as input devices, printers, medical devices, and surveillance cameras. However, rapid increase of these devices in the workplace exposes organizations to security risks. Therefore, it is very important to keep Bluetooth security issues up-to-date. As an interconnection technology, Bluetooth has to address all the traditional security problems. Among these most dangerous is the Man-In-The-Middle attacks on Bluetooth. It’s a simple eavesdropping on Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing(SSP) which is the latest pairing procedure in the Bluetooth devices. Counter measures needed to take care of these security threats are also discussed in this seminar.  Find More Seminars here

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