Superconductors in Applications; Some practical AspectsA high transition temperature is not the only factor we look for in new superconductors. Power applications require good current carrying capacity and magnetic fields. Further, for commercial success; acceptable costs, tested durability, effective cost reduction should be there among others. The paper examines a number of superconductors starting with NbTi. The applications and potentials of the superconductors are studied. It is proposed that a stationary superconducting direct-current-field winding may increase the reliability of the generator in large offshore wind turbines. A power conditioning system consisting of a Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) which can be used to smooth out differences between output power of a generator and power loads is considered as an example of practical use of superconductors. Cryo-refrigeration and manufacturing process can be advanced further to reduce the cost of the superconductors and make it practically more feasible. Find more Seminars Here

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