Three Phase Induction Motor Using Single Phase SupplyThe majority of Industrial drives use electric motors, since they are controllable and readily available. In practice, most of these drives are based on an induction motor because such motors are rugged, reliable, and relatively inexpensive. 

Single phase to three phase converter have a wide range of application in rural area and also in industries where three phase equipment or motors are to be operated from the easily available single phase supply. These converters are excellent choice for situation where three phase power supply is not available. The added advantage is that the three phase motors are more efficient and economical than single-phase motors. Also the starting current in three phase motors is less severe than in single phase motors. This needs a strong, efficient cost effective and high quality single phase to three-phase conversion. Advanced PWM techniques are employed to guarantee high quality output voltage and sinusoidal input at the terminal of single phase source. By using the interleaved boost converter in continuous current mode with high power factor will give required dc voltage to develop output ac line to line voltage at its rated value.

Three phase ac drive using single phase supply is an approach to implement high frequency induction boosting along with the three phase PWM inverter for controlling the speed of three phase induction motor by v/f ratio control. This scheme can be used in lathe machines, small cranes, lifts etc., which are frequently switched ON and OFF, so that they can be run from a single-phase supply.

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