Fest: Springspree 2014
Fest type: Cultural Festival
Organizing Institute: NIT Warangal
Fest dates: 21st-23rd February 2014
Last Dates for Registration: 20th February

About the Fest

Springspree '14 at NIT Warangal
Spring Spree is the annual cultural festival of NIT Warangal. It is one of the oldest college festivals of India started in 1977. Spree is a place for the passionate, the sportive, the energetic and the enthusiastic to interact with other like minded peers. Riding on the success of last year’s edition, Spring spree comes to you this year with a theme that manifests MAGIC AND EXCITEMENT. We proudly invite you to experience the very spirit of festivity, unbridled energy and passion at Spring Spree ‘14.

Website: www.springspree.org

FB page: www.facebook.com/nitw.springspree

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