Advanced Health Monitoring  And Control SystemAbstract

Advances in electronics and wireless sensor networks have opened up new opportunities in healthcare systems. The future will see the integration of the abundance of existing specialized medical technology with pervasive, wireless networks. They will co-exist with the installed infrastructure, augmenting data collection and real-time response. An example of an area in which future medical systems can benefit the most from wireless sensor networks is in-home assistance. In-home pervasive networks may assist residents by providing memory enhancement, control of home appliances, medical data lookup, and emergency communication. The main requirements are Interoperability, Real-time data acquisition and analysis, Reliability and robustness and new node architectures.

The proposed project integrate a coherent set of interacting portable devices, while preserving mobility and independence and bringing optimum assistance to medical support.

Hospitals in the remote areas have a lack of doctors where they are available only once in a week. The goal of this project is to monitor the parameters such as temperature, pressure and Heart Beat of the patient and based on those results treatment is being performed. We will be displaying the values on a computer monitor and updating it in real time. In future, we will upgrade this project such that if there is any deviation in any parameter in the patient's status, the details will be sent to the prescribed doctors and the treatment is performed in accordance to his guidance.  Find More Mini Projects

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