Seminar Report : Aerospace Telemetry
Aerospace telemetry is the “science of transmission of information from air space vehicles to an accessible location”. Aerospace telemetry and the reception of flight test data are key components to flight testin ascertaining positional data for further analysis. Datagathered by a telemetry system is critical to the success of every aeronautical research project and reliable equipment is needed to keep the telemetry system, from the aircraft to the ground, transmitting and receiving every moment data is needed. This research paper introduces and defines telemetry and aerospace telemetry, provides a brief history of how telemetry came about, briefly captures some telemetry applications, introduces the telemetry equipment requirements necessary for telemetry to occur, such as signal conditioning and sub-carrier oscillator equipment, outlines some telemetry concerns, such as noise and errors, and presents ways to minimize these errors using transducer, data system, and physical end-to-end calibrations.

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